Paul Feldman Q&A regarding WECC:


These are questions I have been asked by members recently regarding WECC and my views as a Board Director.  I include them with answers on this public page.  I will answer any question from a WECC member if sent to and post the Q&A here:


Paper submitted to membership -


Question: What would you like to see changed in the bylaws:In summary these are the things I would fix in the bylaws and would suggest that future Boards and Membership entertain a debate about the wisdom of doing so.   Perhaps when people have a chance to see an Independent Board in action the trust level will be higher and a reconsideration may be in order. I would say that any and all of these changed if deemed appropriate should be approved only by the full Membership.
  1. Adjust the currently drafted bylaws to remove any inferences or processes that would give any preference to one class over another in decision making.
  2. Adjust the currently drafted bylaws to streamline the interaction between the Membership as a whole and the Board and not vest any authorities with the MAC that are not absolutely necessary thereby accenting the advisory role and empowering the full membership. Within this context I support the MAC having minority participation on the Nominating Committee and full control over Director compensation as the complete set of necessary authorities and do not believe such authorities will interfere with their important advisory role. All bylaws amendments that are non-board approvable should be approved by the full membership
  3. Adjust the currently drafted bylaws to alter the present wording where the MAC has control over the Nominating committee and substitute wording to be more consistent with other Independent Board structures in the energy industry where the Board has the largest role in succession and the interaction in this regard is between the membership as a whole and the board.
  4. Adjust the currently drafted bylaws to provide maximum flexibility to the Board and Membership to jointly evolve to a course of action consistent with the Vision and Mission with the Directors acting in their role to oversee Management - and the Members as a whole in their role to approve the big decisions including Board Directors.
  5. Adjust the bylaws to appropriately capture the value of western experience without dampening the enthusiasm for applicants outside the interconnect, and recognizing the real role of the board to oversee management.
Question: Do you believe their ought to be a Market in the West?

Question: Do you still support an Independent Board on the RCCo side - despite the recent objections by Class 2 members?

Question: Do you support a strong MAC?