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Board Of Directors Webinars

EnergyCollection hosts educational webinars for people in the energy business.  These webinars typically deal with a technology area of emerging importance to either grid cost, grid reliability/cybersecurity, or end-customer access to the grid.  Current topics are:

CIP 5 and new technologies
Demand Response - flexible operations platforms
Digital Certificates, keys, encryption, and cybersecurity risks in Energy
Distribution - finding failing components, and preventing outages
IT Outsourcing in Energy
Nuclear Switchyards - preventing costly outages
Unidirectional Gateways - Generation Applications
Unidirectional Gateways - Control Center / ICCP Applications
Unidirectional Gateways - Substation (large) Applications
Whitelisting Applications

To reserve a spot at an educational webinar, send an email to
Information Tech
Grid Operators
Cyber Security