A Day in the Life of the Grid - Presentation History


A presentation, generically titled: "A Day in the Life of the Grid" has been given on many occasions to audiences in the energy business.  The presentation was originally conceived and written by me for the purpose of helping audiences connect happenings in the Wholesale and Retail Markets.  An additional purpose was to unwind some of the mystery related to how the Wholesale Market actually works, and simultaneously expose emerging opportunities in Retail Markets.  While the presentation title remains the same - the text delivered is altered to directly apply to the instant audience. 

FERC Chairman Wellinghoff has graciously contributed to the ideas presented, and adapted the materials to be used in some of his own industry presentations - furthering the cause of connecting the Wholesale and Retail Markets in the minds of industry stakeholders.   Thanks, for his contributions and getting the message out.

Many people have contributed to the content of the presentation - but particular thanks to MISO (www.MISOenergy.org).  MISO developed the graphics and films used, and contributed greatly to the verbal content and ideas.  MISO's home page contains a link to a version of the presentation - which can be viewed on You Tube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdrMpElZWSM

Thanks to the Board Directors at MISO as well (especially John Bear and Shelley Longmuir).  Their discussions and comments over the years have undoubtedly contributed to the good parts of the presentation content.

The original idea for the presentation was conceived during a conversation at an industry conference where I asked the question to a fellow conference-presenter: "How is the Conference?"  To which came the response: "You know, everything has been said already - but not everyone has said it."  That led to considerations other than the traditional Power Point bullet point presentation, and eventually to the idea of using a Price-Map video to tell a story.  The story is about 1 day in the footprint of MISO:

Regional Map - MISO

The story relays what is happening to the grid at the bulk electric system level on an hour by hour basis - and provides details about the associated Wholesale energy market and its connection to retail happenings.  The information is provided while viewing a set of price maps showing the extreme volatility of wholesale prices - both on a time and location basis.    The day selected is July 21, 2011.

If you would like to hear this presentation at some upcoming conference or company gathering - just email me.  Paul J. Feldman PFeldman@EnergyCollection.us


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