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Board Of Directors Featured Information:
  • A Day in the Life of the Grid - Presentation History
  • NERC Regions Technology Webinars - Q&A - here

  • CIP Version 5 Supports Unidirectional Security Gateways by Paul Feldman and Lior Frenkel - 2013-05-01 - published by DHS ICS-CERT - The NERC CIP Version 5 draft standard was recently submitted to FERC for approval. The submitted draft recognizes that Unidirectional Security Gateways provide security which is stronger than firewalls, and the draft includes measures to encourage the deployment of this strong security technology. The standard also changes how firewalls must be managed and mandates network intrusion detection systems as a second level of defense when control centers deploy firewalls. and

  • A huge Distribution Opportunity - Discusses the idea of including improvements in customer losses due to distribution outages in Business Cases to upgrade and invest in the nation's distribution systems.

  • Cyber-risk, Standards, and Best Practices - Co-authored by Dan Hill (ex-CIO of Exelon and Board member of the New York grid operator - NYISO); and Paul Feldman (MISO Board member and industry adviser)- the paper discusses cyber-risk, use of standards, and suggests more aggressive and organized use of Best Practices in cybersecurity.


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